Broken men


We live in a world full of broken men

Broken from war past present and future

Broken by love, abandoned 

Broken promises from broken government 

Broken bones from lyrical sticks and stones

Broken reflection, rejection, splinted glass ceilings, frayed edges, feelings of promises that never last.

Kiss and tell secrets 

Whispered in secret

Wipe your eyes and don't cry ... You're a man !

Be a man, in touch with your feminine side

From two into one, from one into three or maybe more to see

Balance or inbalance

The world will still evolve

With or without you

The sweetest hug 


I am what I am

I am a child 

I never picked my biological parents 

My biological parents never picked me

I am what I am

I am a child

I was never asked to be born

So I give thanks for the chance to be born


I am what I am

I am a child

I eat, sleep, laugh and cry

I wish for my eldest to look after me

To make sure I'm clean

To show me love when I need

To guide me when I can't see

I am a child

I am what I am

I am a child

Love me 

Hug me

And see me smile



Here together we lay 

Man and woman side by side

Together for pleasure, a moment forever in time

To share this bliss

Tender kiss

And your soft caresses

Like electricity we have to be...




Listen, listen

I call its awakening 

The winter has gone

Spring is in the air

The summers sun dries out the wetted soil

Listen, listen

I sing for all to hear


Listen, listen

My voice opens in the morning

And all is awake 

Phuck-off poetry


Divide and rule

Rule and divide

Social engineering  

Engineering social life

Classify & Identify

Identify the classification

Race ! The human race

But the human race doesn't exist ?

Only human beings racing towards the mindset of a given illusion !



Coming soon